Well seeing as Dhruv and Alex posted their hellos, I thought I ought to too. My name’s Reuben Horsley and I live way down under in New Zealand, unlike my two American friends. I’ve been using x-plane since mid V5 like Alex and Dhruv, though It wasn’t till V7 that I started getting into the nitty gritty of plane maker and started making my own little planes to satisfy my need for virtual speed. It wasn’t till late V7 that I started getting into the airliners.

A lot has happened since then, and before I knew it, I was one of the newest members to XPFW making my own projects with help from Alex and Dhruv. My area is definitely 3D design, and i have recently learned how to use blender with relative ease. I also can practise in the now dead art of world maker, and am not too shabby with Photoshop. For those of you familiar with