Pushing Pixels (Or the Compulsory “Yes, we’re still here” Post)

Yes, we’re still here! Reason it’s been so quiet is because we’re all working on stuff, but I think I’d best post something before we get lynched for being so tight-lipped about things.

I’m literally into the final stages of the 777 panel, which is the only thing holding that bird back from being released. It’s largely pixel pushing and small details now, which ironically takes more time than the rest of the work on the panel and aircraft combined. I just spent an hour and a half on the EICAS tonight fixing up bugs and placing annunciators (which, for those of you whom have never had the…ahem…privilege of creating a panel, are murder). Here’s a picture of the triple-7’s primary EICAS display, just to whet your appetite. If all goes well, I should have pictures of the entire panel from the sim in a couple of days. I do, however, think this illustrates some of the tiny nitpicky details that I’ve been striving to include:


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