Node Pushers - They’re like Potato Chips…

…Bet you can’t just have one!

So with that sentiment in hand, XP Jets is more than happy to announce that we’ve just added another node pusher :D .

Please join us in welcoming Rodrigo Sauvalle! His fine work on the A340-600 caught all of our attention several months ago when he began experimenting with a full .obj -format fuselage. Since then, Rodrigo and Alex have been working steadily on various modeling projects. Things worked out brilliantly between the two of them from the beginning, so it seemed only logical that we bring Rodrigo on as a team member. We are confident that he will be an invaluable asset to XPJ. We could talk until we’re deoxygenated and blue in the face, but that would be a waste of brain cells on our account. We’ll simply let his work speak for itself!

Rodrigo will be undoubtedly saying a few words to introduce himself shortly, so please give him a warm welcome!

The XP Jets team

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