Some Words From Rodrigo:

Dear fellow XP Jets crew and X-Plane users,

I’m very excited about being part of XP Jets, it’s the biggest acknowledment a designer could get. The co-operation started a few months ago, and has evolved into a great fellowship that I can’t imagine being without!

I plan on giving 110% to XPJ and making sure I will deliver the high quality results that XPJ expects :) . So I’d like to thank everybody here and over at the .org for making these last months a fun ride!

Some trivia about me:
I’m a Chilean dude working as a soundtech and music producer in Sweden at the moment. I stumbled across X-Plane back in 2001 and been addicted ever since. I’ve released a beta version of SCEL, Arturo Benitez airport in Santiago, Chile. I also released a beta of Sweden Scenery 1.6 but I’ve stopped developing airports due to lack of proper tools, so lately I’ve been doing aircraft development. Most known is the A340-600 that you probably heard of, as it gets about 1000-6000 views a week (!). That aircraft made XPJ curious about me and the rest is history.

I’m off and to all, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I’m more than happy to assist.

Take care,