Greater Auckland Scenery

Well, I got thinking about my scenery for Auckland the other day (which i started in Jan of 04), and thought it would be an idea to re-upload it, and sure enough, I got a few requests from people. I looked into it, and realized it wasn’t finished, and that I had been procrastinating for about 3 years. So yesterday, I finished it. :D

For those few who still have it from last time I uploaded, we suggest you download it again. Eventually, we’ll try and publish a version without the terrain textures. This will be handy for those who don’t want textured ENVs, so you can download the airports on their own and turn them into a DSF scenery. In my opinion, however, the textured terrain looks far nicer (and you can find my house if you know where to look ;) ). Not to mention that with the textured terrain, VFR approaches are possible. The buildings are all textured now, and all finally have night textures, so without further ado, here it is!

(Click image to proceed to download area)

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