X-Plane Photo Paint Tutorial

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by Josh Gales

Now I clone out the flight deck windows, passenger windows and wings. You'll have to clone out the wings and flight deck windows on every photo paint you make. The A320 is a bit different when it comes to passenger windows. Because it has a 3D passenger cabin that includes windows, you don't need to have windows on the paint file. Most planes aren't like this, so you'll normally want to keep the windows.

Using the clone stamp, I slowly clone out the flight deck windows. I resample (option-click on the area to sample from) often to make it look more natural. Any small errors in shading I get rid of with the smudge tool. Be careful of overdoing it with the smudge tool though, or you'll lose important detail.

Now I'll clone out the windows. Take care to not clone out the emergency exit frames:



Now I start on the wing:

The colors in front of and behind the wing often don't match up and you can end up with something like this:

I'll smooth the area out with the smudge tool, then use the dodge tool on the dark part to lighten it up and match it with the light area.

Not perfect, but it will do for now:

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