X-Plane Photo Paint Tutorial

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by Josh Gales


Now it's time to put it on the paint file. Since the fuselage is still selected, I press command-c to copy it. Then I open up the paint file (making sure I have a backup!) and press command-v to paste the fuselage on:

Since I used a photo of the right side of the plane, my fuselage is facing the wrong direction. To flip it, I press command-t to transform, and then right click anywhere on the fuselage. Hit "flip horizontal" and you'll get a mirror image of it:

Now I'll transform my fuselage to about the correct width by dragging the nose to the left edge of the paint file and stretching the tail to match the width of the original fuselage on the paint file:

Then I'll change the layer opacity to 50% and stretch my fuselage until the emergency exit doors line up vertically with the original ones. It may be necessary to tweak the horizontal stretching at this point to make the doors match up. Once I'm satisfied that everything matches, I'll bring the opacity back up to 100% and press return to lock in the transformation.

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