X-Plane Photo Paint Tutorial

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by Josh Gales

The right side of the fuselage is now done. I made a copy of the layer and moved it down to the left side:

Make sure everything lines up:

Now, going back to my original photo, I selected the tail with the polygonal lasso tool and copied the selection (command-c)

Switching back to the paint file, I pasted it on (command-v) Before stretching it to size, I had to flip it horizontally to have it face the right way. After stretching it to the correct dimensions, I selected the front of the base and copied and pasted that selection. Then I stretched it to size. This part takes some guessing and checking. It took me a few tries to get the size right. Next, I did the same thing for the entire base of the tail. After that, I copied all three layers and dragged them to the corresponding spots for the left side.


Then, using the rectangular marquee tool on the base (original) layer I selected the engines. Using the eyedopper tool, I got the blue from the tail. I then used the brush tool with the mode set to multiply to paint the engines blue:

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