X-Plane Photo Paint Tutorial

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by Josh Gales

I like to do almost all my transforming at once, or it ends up looking messy. Now I save it and see what it looks like in planemaker:

My doors aren't quite lined up with the windows, so I'll go back and tweak my alignment

Looks better now:

Now I'll compare it to my original photo:

My titles look a little squished, so I'll stretch it vertically a little bit.

Then I used the rectangular marquee tool and selected the fuselage above the titles, hit Command-T (Ctrl-T on Windows) to transform that area, then stretched it vertically until it reached the top of the old fuselage. Then I right clicked on the selected area and hit "skew" After that, I dragged the top bar of the transform box to the left. That lined up the stretched blue with the non stretched parts. There are probably better ways to do this, but I prefer this way. It ended up looking like this:

The top was too dark, so I took the dodge tool and brightened it up. I also used the smudge tool to smudge out any weird patterns. Finally, I used the clone stamp to clean up any fuzzy edges.

What it looks like in PM:

Comparing it to my photo again, I found that I had to reshape the blue:

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