X-Plane Photo Paint Tutorial

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by Josh Gales

The winglets should be the same blue, so I painted over them with the brush mode set to normal:

For the nose, I copied a section of white fuselage towards the nose and pasted it over the old nose area:

The wing box can take some experimentation to get right. For this one, I made a shape with the pen tool and set the layer mode to multiply. It took several tries to get it lined up, but here's the final result:

Just a few more steps

The nose gear door should be the same blue as the bottom of the fuselage and say NN on it:

Now comes the hard part on some liveries. It's pretty straightforward with this one though. The titles and registration for the top fuselage need to be reversed. (The top side should always have mirrored titles) First, select them with the rectangular marque tool. Press command-t to transform, right click and hit flip horizontal. Deslect and match colors as needed:

Only the right side of the plane should have cargo doors, so I'll clone them out for the left side.

And we're done! The paint isn't at all perfect, but I hope it gives you an idea of how to go about things. Thanks to everyone who's given me feedback on this.

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