Now in Technicolor!

After a week of hard slog, and a bad back to boot (at my age…?), I can now show off the Cessna properly! It’s all textured up now, and has had quite a few bits and peices added since I last posted, making for quite a gorgeous little plane. Now all that’s left is a proper flight model, and animation.. lots of animation :D .

We do, however, have some news that will be slightly unpopular. We’ve thought long and hard on the subject, and after due consideration, we’ve elected to make the plane payware. We would like to point out, however, that there’s been a lot of work poured into this plane. Also, we only plan to charge around $5 or less. Considering the other alternatives here, here, and here, we’d like to think that you’ll be getting a damn nice plane for a damn nice price ;) .

Anyway, now that we’ve gotten the talking bit out of the way, here are the pretty pictures:

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