777 Exterior Model

Here you will find current work-in-progress development pictures of our Boeing 777 exterior model. Check back often as we post new development screenshots and previews of liveries as we complete them.

  1. Graham H 11.6.10 / 5pm

    Truly beautiful. I can’t wait!
    Just wondering… will there be an Air Canada livery?

  2. Dhruv 11.7.10 / 10am

    It’s on the list, yes.

  3. nikedude109 12.13.10 / 9am

    Why is everything so quite? has the prject been Scrapped? :/

  4. Graham H 6.6.11 / 4am

    Thanks for all your hard work. Looking foreword to this bird.

  5. Graham H 6.12.11 / 6pm


  6. Stefano 2.7.12 / 2pm


  7. Awesome (in progress) X-Plane Boeing 777 | Aerosoft Sim News 2.12.12 / 6am

    [...] time to see it with your own eyes. We will lead you directly to the XP Jets Gallery section External Model and 3D Cockpit [...]

  8. Stefano 2.21.12 / 9am

    When will it be available. Please, I hope it will be freeware ;)

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