Here you will find various scenery projects created by XP Jets team members.

At present, Reuben Horsley’s Greater Auckland 2.0 is our sole scenery package. That will, however. likely change in the future.

  1. hayden722 2.18.12 / 5pm

    can someone please tell me what the best aircraft and airport is to download

  2. e11even 5.14.12 / 11pm

    Don’t worry there are a lot of aircraft and there is no the best aircraft. Well download many aircraft and see which one best suits you. If you find an aircraft that you really like then in your opinion call it the best and the same goes to the scenery. Try to find the best that fits for your personality. If you were looking for a very cool aircraft that is another story but i would really recommend the boeing 2707-200.

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