No Time…

…to post some news here, need to write Code. Bye.

Yeah, that’s what i would say if i would need to post news regulary. Fortunately I don’t. However, i agree with you, one post per year is somewhat sparse. Maybe I’ve lost all sense of time…

Seriously, we’re busy. So busy that I don’t shutdown my PC; I leave it on with emacs and gdb running so I don’t waste time every day setting up my environment before I can start working. And that’s the truth.

So, what’s new with the plugin? Hmm, it works. What it does right now works. But what does it do at the moment? Not enough. Not enough to say “Yes, that’s how a 777 works”. And to be honest, there are still many things missing that will make it really act like a 777. What we have now is a “framework” and some systems working or partially working. It has taken almost a year for me to get a framework that I’m happy with. Displays drawn with vector graphics, multithreading, custom and X-Plane default command handling, I/O of default as well as custom datarefs, the option to save the plugin-state together with a flight, sounds etc. All these things must be written from scratch. Then the “real challenge” began, that’s what I call the real work: put in the stuff which makes the 777. We’re not talking about “basic systems” only. FBW, AFDS, FMC, these are what really makes the 777 the plane that it is, and they are what really cost a lot of time. But that’s also the most funny part. Yeah, we have some FBW logic, custom flight director and we’ve started the FMC. None of them is finished, and what they do now they do well but they are far from complete. And you can’t just say “finish FBW first or finish AFDS first”, because all of them depend on each other, more or less. As i said: funny stuff.

We’d like to show you a short video. Normally we wouldn’t post something this early, but I think you might be interested anyway. Just showing a really basic thing: “How to enter a route into the FMC”.

Said enough, need to write some code. Bye :)

IFRAME Embed for Youtube

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