Crossing the Finish Line

Well, I’ve finally completed the 777 panel (for the GE variant anyway). That’s right. Every switch placed, every light double checked, every last bit of glass polished and every last pixel pushed…

“Well whoop-de-do Dhruv, what does it all mean?” I hear you ask. Well, for one, it means that all I’ve got left to do is adapt the EICAS for the Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce engines (they use EPR as a thrust reference instead of N1, which for those of you who care means I move all the engine instruments down 40 pixels and add an EPR arc). It also means that once Alex and I finish up the night lighting for the GE liveries, we can unleash the GE90-powered 777s :D .

So enough talk. Here’s the final 777 panel shot on approach to Auckland (yes, I’m an idiot and left the seatbelt sign off during final approach - someone fire me!).

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