Hell, it’s About Time!

Dhruv, Reuben, Rodrigo and myself are very pleased to introduce the Boeing 777-200ER. A significant amount of work has gone into the production of this aircraft which started as a side project of mine nearly a year ago and it has since bloomed into the aircraft which we are introducing today.

We know that it has been long in waiting, but we wanted to do everything that we could to make this, our first release something spectacular. The intro movie on the main page rendered for 11 days straight making my computer a little less than useless while across the pond Rod was keeping my spirits high with his work on the soundtrack.  The last few weeks have been spent ironing out small details, getting stuff prepared, and absolutely solid for the release.

Now I could just go on for another few paragraphs, but I won’t because I know that the wait has been long and that many of you will be wanting to go out and fly.

From all of us at XP Jets, thank you for your patience, support and without further babbling from me, enjoy!


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