More Triangles Than You Can Shake a Stick At!

Well, Alex has been plugging away at the 757 rather hard lately (I think the fact that I finished up the fuselage paint kit and started to actually paint livery mock-ups might have had something to do with that), and he’s reached a rather major milestone. The top-sides of the wings are completely textured now, including the spoiler panels and flaps. Here’s a render from Blender to give you all an idea of just how brilliant his wing textures are:

(Click Here for a 1920×1080 High-Def version)

As for me, I’ve been working on the fuselage paint kit some more, fine-tuning some of the layers that really make the fuselage textures come “alive” - shine, shading, reflections, dirt, etc. I did, however, find time to mock up a few liveries for renders so that we can show off the model in its current state, so here you go:

(Click for 1920×1080 High-Def versions of AA, CO, NW, and UAL)

Meanwhile, Rodrigo’s been hard at work in Blender as well. Work on the virtual cockpit has started, and I’ll be jumping in on that front as well soon to start texturing his mesh. We do, however, feel that the VC’s at a state we’re comfortable showing even though there are several major parts left to model yet. Rodrigo’s got the pedestal just about completely modeled, and he’s started work on the main panel. Here’s a preview of what’s to come from him:

(Click Here for a 1920×1080 High-Def version)

So there you have it. We’re all very excited about how this bird’s shaping up. That being said, there’s a veritable ton of work left, but we figured you’d all like to see just what we’re up to :P .

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