What’s That? A ‘Bus You Say?

Well, we took a vote, and decided that this place was just a bit too Boeing-flavored for our liking :P . So on that note, we’d like to formally announce that we’ve brought Rodrigo’s excellent work-in-progress A340 in house and made it an official XP Jets aircraft.

When we first recruited Rodrigo to join XP Jets, he had already made considerable headway into modeling the A340′s cockpit in 3D. So while we re-assigned him to 757 3D cockpit work when he joined up, we knew that the 340 was eventually going to factor into our project matrix. As a result, after some discussion we’ve decided to slap an XPJ badge on it and to make it official.

The A340 will be built to the same exacting standards as the 757. It will feature a detailed 3D exterior done in OBJ8 format with a multitude of animations, accurate flight dynamics, high-resolution texturing, functional 3D cockpit, and much more. Our first priority at the moment, obviously, is continuing to make progress on the 757, so we won’t be picking up on the A340 full-speed until that’s finished. Expect more details to emerge as we continue development, but for now we do have some early previews of the 3D work to show you.

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