Not the Only Facelift Going On

Most news here in the last week or so has been in regards to our ongoing upgrade of our 777. As it turns out, we’re not the only people working on upgrading things. Freeworld Airways, X-Plane’s premier virtual airline, is proud to announce that they have completed the roll-out of their brand new website overhaul.

Among other things, the upgraded website vastly improves Freeworld’s Dispatch system, providing pilots with every conceivable piece of flight documentation needed to successfully, safely, and efficiently complete their virtual flights. The new site also adds more community-based features, including a screenshot gallery to showcase the FWA fleet.

We at XPJ have a long-standing relationship with the Freeworld administration, tracing back to our days at XPFW. Our new 777, when completed, will be a welcome enhancement to our existing v8 model, which is currently a workhorse in the airline’s long-haul fleet. We strongly encourage those of our visitors interested in a rewarding, professional, and top-notch VA experience to visit Freeworld at for more information.

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