“Positive rate…Gear up”

It brings me great pleasure to say that we’re getting closer on v2 of the 777. Most of the aircraft is in the simulator as it stands and all modeling is hereby frozen. We’re busy with the engines still however.  We have a few animation things to work through but mostly everything that we’re dealing with right now is texture generation.

We’ve got a little tease for you and a little list of things that we’ve got finished and working that you can expect in the final build of the bird.

  • fully animated landing gear including proper retract/extend sequence timing, canted main gear bogies, and keyframe driven scissor struts
  • keyframe driven flap animations for absolute precision in the flap cycle
  • flap extend/retract mechanics in place and animated
  • aileron/elevator droop when the hydraulics are depressurized
  • comprehensive spoiler logic thanks to advances in XP9
  • angle of attack probe animated
  • windshield wipers
  • and probably some things that I’ve forgotten about

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