One Down, Two to Go [Updated 11/04/08]

It’s a big day here at XPJ. We’ve gotten the first of the 777′s three distinct engine types fully textured, animated, and into the sim. Alex has put together an absolutely stunning set of textures for the Rolls Royce Trent 800, and the animation on the fan is finally in a place that we’re ready to show. The following two movies show the spoolup and shutdown of the engine. Now bear in mind that we do still have some tweaking to do, but the movies should give an idea of what we’re getting at. Watch the fan closely as it spins up for a peek at the internals of the engine. One can just make out the compressor blades behind the first stage fan ;).

[EDIT 11/04: Fan startup timing and engine inertia finalized to give a spin-up time of ~45 seconds]

RR Trent 800 Spoolup [Revised 11/04/08]

RR Trent 800 Shutdown

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