I know that we’ve been saying on and off that we’d be offering the 777 as freeware. We’ve been into development on the update of the bird for well over a year now. What started as a new fuselage turned quickly into experiments with canted landing gear which turned into fresh wings, brand new engines, the likes of which haven’t ever been seen in the sim before, and most recently a texture overhaul to bring you the 777 in high resolution from nose to tail. Rodrigo is hard at work developing a 3d pit for the bird, I’m working on engines and an overhaul of the flight model while Dhruv is putting together liveries like mad and putting an updated panel together.

The bottom line is, we all feel that the scope of the work has eclipsed what we would consider a freeware release and we are going to have to go against our own word and change for it on release. We haven’t set a price, but we mean to make it very affordable and will include all future variants of the bird in with the 200ER package (300, 300ER, 200LR and 200F).

Now before everyone decides to tar and feather us, we do realize that we did promise a freeware 777 solution to our users. That being said, we will retroactively update our current 777 offering with the new panel from the forthcoming for-pay release and perform a maintenance update to the flight model at the same time. Hopefully, this alleviates some of the disappointment of not getting the upgraded exterior model as a freeware release.

We would like to take the time to mention that the A320 is still in cooperation with XPFW and that we are absolutely sticking to the freeware philosophy on that project.

We all appreciate everyone’s understanding and continued support.  Without loyal users such as yourselves out there, XPJ wouldn’t have ever gotten off of the ground.

Thank you all

The XP Jets team

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