The Hurri

ND Art & Technology released its first aircraft a few weeks ago, and what a classic it is. NDs Hawker Hurricane is simply one of the best WWII fighters that I have seen to date recreated for the sim.  Every facet of the craft is top notch. The 3d model is smartly built with video game modeling strategies in mind to ensure that the user is left with a framerate friendly experience.  Couple the 3D with an excellent set of high resolution textures and the result is a highly immersive cockpit environment and an exterior that is indistinguishable from reality. The flight model is solid as well and is, as Nils mentions, spinnable. Add in the animations (my favorite being the aileron chain and combo flap/gear lever), a cleverly designed pilot figure, a wonderful sound set, and a handful of variants to boot, you’ve got yourself a recipe for perfection.

In a few words, this is by far one of the most satisfying fixed wing aircraft to fly that I have encountered, a joy that shouldn’t be lacking from anyone’s hangar.

A big thanks goes out to Nils for an astounding piece of work. Way to raise the bar and make me work harder!

Now this posting may feel out of place for some of our regulars, but one of the original intentions with the XP Jets blog was to do just that, blog.  We don’t have to talk shop all of the time and for a nice change, lets move the conversation over to what we like to do in the sim.  Expect us to do this more often!

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