A Home Away from Home

We here at XP Jets, along with a select group of accomplished x-plane developers, are proud to announce a new partnership with www.x-pilot.com, a new X-Plane community site. Through our dedicated forum at the site, we plan to preview and showcase our projects, provide technical support for our planes, and assist in answering any technical questions new developers may have regarding aircraft and/or scenery development. We are committed to growing x-plane add-ons and believe this forum venue will be a good place to do that.

We consider it a privilege to be included amongst x-pilot.comā€™s featured developer partners, and believe that it is an incredible gathering of some of the most accomplished minds in the X-Plane atmosphere. As such, we hope that you, our readership, will join us in embracing this new community and look forward to seeing some of our “regulars” there!

For those of our readers who prefer our in-house presence, rest assured that we will continue to concurrently post project news and development updates on this blog. We do hope, however, that in the interest of first-rate customer service, you choose to join us at x-pilot, as it stands to become our primary channel of providing support for our products.

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