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Hi all,

i think it’s time to give you an update. Not too much to tell. Most work is “behind” the visuals. However, i thought that it would be a good idea to show you a new video. Youtube videos only can give you a hint of how these displays are looking. Vector graphics, as good as they are, have their limits, but we are working around most of the issues. Most of the displays will also be “undockable” so that you can view them at larger sizes. The size of them will be configureable (up to 512×512 px). Also it might be possible that the panel layout will change, you know we’re at e really early state with the project :-)

So what’s next? The basics on the code are almost done (except of fixing bugs or something to improve). We use a lot of threads now and we’ll add some more (you have a multicore CPU, right?). This will help to keep X-Plane’s performance as high as possible. The displays don’t affect fps at all (on my machine). But there are much complex things to come. One of these things is the fly-by-wire system. Work on that starts tomorrow. Expect at least 3 months until it’s usable. Why 3 months? Remember, we’re on X-Plane ;-). A lot of control surfaces to steer. But i’m really sure it will be fun to fly that bird.

Ok, here’s the video. Please don’t comment my approach, it was a “quick & dirty” run to bring her down. And you might notice: no AFDS :-) And if you can, go to the youtube website and watch in HD!


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