I Brought Home Those New Tires You Wanted

Well, its been a while in coming, but I think that we may have finally cracked it. Okay, truth be told, it isn’t nearly as epic as I’m making it out to be, but we have in recent weeks been crafting new nosegear for the 777. I do believe that you will find it an improvement over the first set of wheels (more or less rehashed and animated parts from the acf version).

I think that I may owe explanation on a few new features. The brake status indicator lights just below the landing lamp housings are functional. Green means that the brakes are off. Red indicates that the brakes are active above 1300 or so psi. Yellow indicates that the parking brake is set. All of the lights are functional as you’d expect them to be. The complete P40 panel is also something new. I’ll be working with Sven later to hopefully achieve some functionality through the panel including the annunciators, the ability to set off the APU extinguisher in case of APU fire, and if we’re lucky, an audible APU fire horn. Obviously, APU fire doesn’t exist as a failure yet in the sim so there will be some work to do first.

As for the rest, I’ll let the screenshots do the talking. Next up on the external agenda is the RAT, but first, I’ve got an overhead to start work on.


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