My computer is back!…and I suppose that our announcement is important too

Well, after an eternity in the shop, my iMac is sitting back infront of me, its new insides are all sparkly and fresh. New LCD, PCU, and logic board…so about the only thing that isn’t new is the case, the RAM sticks, the hard drive and perhaps a few other bits and bobs. While I could wax poetic all day, I’d much rather get to the meat and potatoes. I’m back at full dev capacity and well, we have a lot of exciting developments to share.

Here is a nice list of the things that we’ve just crossed off of the list.
• New high resolution fuselage and vertical stabilizer textures are complete
• UV maps are now all compatible with normal maps without producing artifacts
• Ram Air Turbine is complete and awaiting plugin controlled animation commands from Sven
• Initial exterior lighting framework is in place. This gives us control over the logo lights on the tail, control over pax window brightness etc. We’ve got alot built into it already and I must say, the results are quite lovely.
• Exterior geometry and textures have been finalized. We’ve included a couple of extra goodies in the fuselage and remodeled a couple of the areas that we still felt were giving us problems.

Needless to say, we’re very happy with where we are at. At this point, we’re all ready to buckle down, leave the exterior save a few last minor details, and punch out the last of the cockpit and begin serious implementation of the plugin.

And some pictures because well, we all like pictures (and yeah, I got overzealous. These expand to a higher res than our normal pics.)

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