Back Inside

I’ve been bad I know. I’ve had all of this fun prettifying the exterior even more so, have spent some time recently optimizing texture usage, polygon usage etc and I think that I’ve had enough of all of that. I’m going back inside to finish what I started with the cockpit. Its full tilt inside until I finish it up so don’t expect too much in terms of written communication relaying progress, milestones etc. We’re living by the mantra, “We’re quiet because we’re busy.” Do be sure though to keep tabs with progress in the 3d cockpit gallery as it is a nice, quick, and convenient way for me to share visual progress :) Just a quick note, I’ve adjusted the gallery and from now on out, the latest images will be at the top of the list. As a matter of fact I’ve just put a few more up this evening. Feel free to leave comments here!



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