777 3D Cockpit

We will be using this gallery to publicly document the continuous progress off the 777 3D cockpit. We plan on adding new images frequently so check back often. Note that the initial images are all going to be rendered previews of the pit in an untextured state and that some of the things that you see, shadows, reflections etc, are not currently possible within X-Plane’s current framework. Maybe someday.

Feel free to continue the discussion in the comment thread below where we will be more than happy to address any questions or concerns that you have. Thanks!

  1. johnspa 6.19.10 / 7pm

    you should equip the 777 with an electronic flightbag like the real 777 has. and is the cockpit fully fuctional

  2. carlcox 7.2.10 / 3am

    I need a fix…. :’(

  3. johnspa 7.10.10 / 6pm

    you guys should consider a virtual cabin too and you should make all systems including the fmc and autopilot with fully functional. That is what i would do because everybody wants a fully functional T7

  4. johnspa 7.10.10 / 6pm

    this cockpit is tricked out but still it should work as good as it looks

  5. maidenfan41 11.10.10 / 12am

    Is the cockpit done yet? What is left on the project? Christmas release?
    I’m just trying to get caught up with everything.
    Thanks for your help.

  6. Anonymous 1.12.11 / 4pm

    [...] [...]

  7. jdpachter 5.31.11 / 8pm

    This looks awesome! A virtual cabin would be a selling point for me. I can’t wait for the release!

  8. Alex 6.8.11 / 11am

    At this point, we are not planning a virtual cabin. There are too many carriers, cabin configs etc to make it work. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a generic cabin to even work off of these days. It may be a future development, but for an aircraft of this size, its not really practical if one is going to do it properly. As I said, perhaps in the future. Definitely not for v1. The same holds true for the EFB at this point. Its an order option nicety that we would rather put on hold so that we can get the aircraft out sooner rather than later. Keep your eyes open for updates.


  9. patrik 6.16.11 / 9pm

    Please don’t make a cabin — we like to fly planes, not cater food and drinks. As pilots we belong in the cockpit!

    Fantastic work on the lit polygons as text! Very clear to read indeed. Keep it up!

  10. patrik 6.25.11 / 5pm

    Nice texture baking! Only seats left. I’ll have mine in silver alcantara, hand stitched in Italy!

  11. Alex 7.1.11 / 5am

    I wish that it was just seats left! Its seats, control columns, overhead, side walls, window surrounds, back of the pit….and more :P We’re prepping some pics. Look for em soon.

  12. dawberm1 2.17.12 / 5pm

    Fantastic work guys, the exterior 777 on you tube video and sound are so good I watch it every few days!

    The 3d cockpit looks stunning! so real, a few personal thoughts on this though:

    I hope its not so complex it slows the sim down,

    and for me the control columns can get in the way of the instrumentation which is frustating for me and I guess a great many users running full blown flight decks, as we need to zoom into the pfd mfd and adjust to fit x-plne sc reens to our instrument monitors,

    Leaving out the contol column would be great for me as it does not seem to serve a purpose and would save work.

    Keep up the good work this as this project seems the best aircraft around bar none!

    Regards Mark.

  13. Stefano 2.21.12 / 9am


  14. Stefano 4.3.12 / 11am

    When will it be available

  15. kissa 5.13.12 / 2pm

    Do you make this anymore, or is all GREAT work stopped?

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