Well seeing as Dhruv and Alex posted their hellos, I thought I ought to too. My name’s Reuben Horsley and I live way down under in New Zealand, unlike my two American friends. I’ve been using x-plane since mid V5 like Alex and Dhruv, though It wasn’t till V7 that I started getting into the nitty gritty of plane maker and started making my own little planes to satisfy my need for virtual speed. It wasn’t till late V7 that I started getting into the airliners.

A lot has happened since then, and before I knew it, I was one of the newest members to XPFW making my own projects with help from Alex and Dhruv. My area is definitely 3D design, and i have recently learned how to use blender with relative ease. I also can practise in the now dead art of world maker, and am not too shabby with Photoshop. For those of you familiar with us at XPFW, you’ll know we liked to keep things secret till the very last minute. However, we plan to use this blog from now on, to bring you news of projects going on at XP Jets, and keep you up to date. I’ll let you know now, we’ve already started a few :).

In the real world, I left high school early, in mid 05 to pursue a career in aviation. I hold a PPL and am half way through the Commercial training. Dhruv forgot to mention that he got his PPL virtually the same time as I, and is on the same path to captain. We all share a common love for aviation, and all want to bring you the best damned planes x-plane has ever seen. Thanks for stopping by.

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