Third Time’s the Charm


Do you remember us?

Admittedly, we’ve not kept up on the blog near as often as we’ve liked as other commitments have taken precedence for the time being. Having said that, we’re still plugging away. Sven is hard at work on the systems end of the equation and is just about to dive into the 777 FBW system. Dhruv and I have been working with some of the texturing but primarily our focus has been the flight model. We’ve been working on airfoils, engine numbers, fuel consumption, weight and balance (the lot really) to make sure that we’re really flying by the numbers throughout the entire flight envelope and communicating through Austin to try to make sure that we can get the most out of the sim as accurately as we can. Most recently, I’ve been slaving over a wacom tablet working on Pratt textures. I think that you’d all much rather appreciate something to look at than listen to me droll on. With that, I bring you the Pratt 4077. Here’s a startup sequence and a reverser test to whet your appetite.

We might be coerced into putting together a small promo video before too long if anyone is interested. Until then, enjoy these PW previews!

PW4077 Spoolup

PW4077 Thrust Reverser Test

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