Boeing 777

Welcome to XP Jets’ Boeing 777! This aircraft is the result of almost a year’s worth of development by XP Jets developers. Features include a detailed and accurate exterior model, photo-realistic 2D panel, and a finely tuned flight model that closely mimics the flying characteristics of the real Boeing 777 aircraft. You will also find a large selection of detailed liveries for download.

Currently, the 777-200ER is the only available variant. Other variants, such as the 777-300, 777-300ER, and 777-200LR will be released in the near future.

The 777 Development Team:

Aircraft and objects by Alex Unruh
Panel by Dhruv Kalra
Sounds by Geoff Legg
Performance development by Alex Unruh and Dhruv Kalra assisted by Andrew Rerecich
Airfoils by Peter Meininger
Liveries by Dhruv Kalra, Alex Unruh, and Reuben Horsley

The aircraft is fully Goodway and CoPilot compatible. Thanks to Peter Meininger for the necessary documentation. A special thanks goes out to Tomás Coelho and Paul Arnold for photographic panel references. We would also like to thank Sean Polun for assistance in flight testing. The aircraft downloads are organized by continent. Simply click a continent to view download packages.

North America

Description Painter
Aeromexico Dhruv Kalra Image Download
American Airlines Dhruv Kalra Image Download
Continental Airlines Alex Unruh Image Download
Delta Airlines (2003 Livery) Dhruv Kalra Image Download
United Airlines (NOC) Alex Unruh Image Download
United Airlines (NC) Dhruv Kalra Image Download


Description Painter
Air France Dhruv Kalra Image Download
Alitalia Alex Unruh Image Download
Austrian Airlines Alex Unruh Image Download
British Airways (GE90 Engines) Dhruv Kalra Image Download
British Airways (RR Trent 800 Engines) Dhruv Kalra Image Download
KLM Dhruv Kalra Image Download

Asia/Middle East

Description Painter
Air India Dhruv Kalra Image Download
Cathay Pacific Alex Unruh Image Download
China Southern Alex Unruh Image Download
El Al Alex Unruh Image Download
Emirates Dhruv Kalra Image Download
Japan Air Lines Dhruv Kalra Image Download
Kuwait Airways Dhruv Kalra Image Download
Malaysia Airlines Alex Unruh Image Download
Malaysia Airlines (Freedom of Space ‘Heliconia’ Livery) Dhruv Kalra Image Download
Singapore Airlines Alex Unruh Image Download
Thai Airways Reuben Horsley Image Download


Description Painter
Air New Zealand Dhruv Kalra Image Download

  1. speedbird 12.14.10 / 12pm

    When will the new B777 be launched?
    Is it free? if not, how much it will be?

    i am dying to fly the new B777 for xplane9!

  2. Lucas 2.22.11 / 2pm

    Hi, may name is Lucas
    I from Brasil and I Love Planes …
    I would love if you guys who make these planes, that also did paintings of aircraft and Brazilian companies in South America.
    Thank you for listening, and please fulfill my request.
    A hug

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    [...] Peter Max Continental 777 is available at the ORG, too! You can get the freeware ACF at XPJets 777 [...]

  4. news heard ’round the ramps for 11 may 2011 « Xplane10's Blog 5.11.11 / 3am

    [...] livery is for the XPJets 777, which you’ll find here. If unfamiliar you need to go spend some time at their site and get [...]

  5. ish 6.17.11 / 12pm

    is this acf going to be paywhere

  6. Alex 6.17.11 / 7pm

    All future development, as noted elsewhere on the blog will be payware. The older 777 files on this page will remain freeware.

  7. Ted 6.27.11 / 4pm

    Where can you download the b777-200er for the liveries? This is probably a stupid question…

  8. Alex 7.1.11 / 5am

    Ted, each of these downloads is a complete package as X-Plane hadn’t introduced the livery system that it has now when the original was released. Hope that this clears up any confusion.

  9. gigi8210 4.25.12 / 8am

    Anyone of you can fly the 777 in X-Plane10? I can’t, is there any way to run this beautiful airplane in X-Plan 10?

    Hope the 777 3D works in X-Plane 10…

    greed from Austria

  10. ajaxruby 9.23.12 / 10pm

    Me too. It looks great!
    Is there any chance of an update?

    I’d be super thankful.

  11. ajaxruby 9.23.12 / 10pm

    Oops. I should have read the other comments.

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